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At WHOISMIGO, our mission is to be a guiding light on the transformative journey of mental health, personal growth, and self-discovery through the power of creative outlets. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing space where individuals can harness their innate creativity to navigate the complexities of life, heal from within, and unlock their true potential.

We believe that the path to holistic well-being involves honoring the mind-body-spirit connection. Our purpose is to cultivate an inclusive community that embraces authenticity, vulnerability, and personal evolution. Through a diverse range of creative experiences – from art and writing to movement and mindfulness – we empower individuals to express, heal, and flourish.

Every brushstroke, every written word, every movement is an opportunity for catharsis and renewal.

By fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and champions individuality, we strive to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and personal growth.

With empathy as our compass and creativity as our vehicle, we aspire to create a world where each person's unique narrative is celebrated and where creative exploration becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Through our unwavering support, innovative programs, and transformative experiences, WHOISMIGO aims to empower individuals to rewrite their stories, painting them with hues of resilience, growth, unwavering self-love on your personal “Journey To Authentic Self.”



Migo is a Multi-medium artist and US Military Veteran.  

Having navigated the frontlines of several traumas and personal demons, Migo has woven her life's tapestry with threads of authenticity and a remarkable journey of self-discovery.​ Migo's odyssey has been one of conquering addictions and confronting the shadows of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) head-on. 

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